Our Team

Zoltán Farkas

field project manager

I live with my family in the outskirt of Budapest. I have been working for Habitat as a projectmanager since 2017. Before this, I worked in the field of education for decades. Meanwhile, I gained experience in institution and fecility management and operation. My job at Habitat is important to me, because as the result of my activity I can really help people who are in need.

László Kukk

deputy construction manager

I graduated from János Irinyi Chemical Industry Secondary School as a Chemical Engineer and Laboratory Assistant. During my career, I worked in labs and warehouses. In addition to my work, I worked as a volunteer at the construction of the In da House Foundation. That was the first time that I heard about the Habitat Hungary and also about the fact that they are hiring. I believe that safe housing is a prerequisite for development, therefore the work of Habitat is very important.

Tamás Trautmann

chief financial officer

I graduated from the Dénes Gábor College as an IT engineer. I completed my accounting studies at college. I have been working in the civil sector for nearly 16 years, mainly the management of financial areas was my main task. In August 2017 I went to Habitat. My job is the management / consolidation of the financial and accounting field, the financial communication with offices and partners, the economical operation of the organization. I like to work in a team, and I find it important to work together in all areas of life.

Zsolt Szegfalvi

national director

I am a family man with three children, living in Kosd, a small village north of Budapest. Graduated as a mechanical and marine engineer I started my adulthood with world-savior ideals in my head as a development engineer and a high school teacher. Later I used to be a trainer in a multinational company and was working as sales representative in London. In 2006 a conscious decision moved me to the non-profit, non-governmental sector. I am convinced that the Hungarian civic organizations will only be able to reach their socially important goals and sustainable operations with efficient and professional methods, as well as building a strong supporter base. I spent more than 10 adventurous years with Greenpeace, in the area of fundraising, organizational development and management. As an addition to the environmentalism recently my attention has turned to the disadvantaged social groups, because our higher personal and social aims are unattainable while thousands of people feel insecure. This was one of the reasons for I have chosen Habitat. Habitat for Humanity Hungary’s goal is providing direct support for people living in housing poverty. We are fighting for a fair housing policy and decent, affordable homes for everyone. This is a goal worth striving for!

Zsófia Makádi

donor relations manager

I studied economics and international communication, then I taught marketing and PR at a business school and also held entrepreneurial trainings. I have been working with non-governmental organizations for more than 13 years, primarily in the areas of resource management, finance and communication. I started to work for Habitat in 2012, and from 2014 I am responsible for managing our corporate donor relations. I work mainly on building private relationships with private and corporate donors. I am grateful that at Habitat I seek allies for programs that can help thousands of people solve their housing problems. It is good to feel the power of human cooperation day by day!

Ildikó Szántó

office Manager and executive assistant

I studied at ELTE Faculty of Law, Bibó István Law College and Solymár Waldorf Education Institute. I worked for 18 years in Waldorf education. Besides teaching I have experience in the world of civil society. I worked in the Parliament, at a political weekly (Beszélő), in the Snetberger Music Talent Centre and K-Monitor. Family is an important part of my life. I love singing and going to concerts, exhibitions and the theatre.

Boglárka Farkas

communications manager

My career started at Népszabadság’s science-technology column - former daily printed newspaper in Hungary- as a journalist trainee. Shortly after I joined to Greenpeace Hungary as public relations and communications assistant. Besides my work I completed a BA in social sciences at Péter Catholic University. In my thesis I did a research on the media coverage of a social and enviromental disaster, the so-called „red-sludge catastrophe”. After my BA I was living in Paris and have worked on climate change related mobilization and communications campaigns for the COP21. I moved back to Hungary thanks to a Google Internship programme, then started to work as a Marketing and PR manager at an online marketing agency. I joined Habitat in the beginning of 2017. Currently I work as communications manager, managing the organization’s overall communication on both online and offline channels.

Renata Scheili

volunteer and partnership manager


Bence Kováts

advocacy manager

I received a masters degree in Geography and Urbanism within the 4 Cities European masters program at the Université Libre, Brussels, then I participated in designing urban regeneration programs at the Municipal Government Office of Budapest. My interest turned from urban planning and urban regeneration towards housing problems and housing policy. Currently, I investigate the effects of housing-related governmental measures on socio-spatial inequalities as a Ph.D. student of the Sociology Doctoral School of the Corvinus University, Budapest. I think that a more thoughtful involvement of the government in the housing market would not only improve the living conditions of many but also could create new opportunities for the economy.

Péter Kiss

fundraising manager


Éva Tüske

Admin Assistant

Tibor Nagy

construction project supervisor


Balázs Krajcsovics

social worker