Annual report about housing poverty

Since 2011, Habitat for Humanity Hungary compiles its annual report on the housing poverty situation in Hungary. The aim of this publication is to give a picture of the situation based on available data and information, about the current problems, processes and trends, and also to evaluate the policy measures taken in that year from the aspect of housing poverty. This document, prepared on the basis of comprehensive data collection and with the involvement of experts, informs the public opinion and it is a reference basis for experts and decision makers dealing with housing and housing policy. Our annual report shows which are the gravest problems in housing in Hungary; what kind of trends took place in the last few years, and how effectively the given reactions can address these problems.

In this report, problems are described in detail by the workers of Habitat and invited authors who are experts on specific fields, such as housing affordability, housing quality, indebtedness and segregation, and the measures aiming to address these problems are analyzed, such as the utility cost reduction, measures targeting foreign currency loan clients, the withdrawal of housing maintenance allowances or the features of the “CSOK” social policy benefit. The report is published in a short version for the general public, and in an extended version for the professional public, with supplemented infographics to help understanding.