Terms & Conditions

General Terms of Use

1. Website Operation and Acceptance of the Terms of Use

The present Terms of Use contains the rules and conditions which govern the contents of the website operated by the Habitat for Humanity International Nonprofit Kft. (1065 Budapest, Hajós utca 9.) at http://www.habitat.hu (“the Website") and the use of its services.

The Service Provider reserves the right to modify the present Terms of Use. In order to make sure that you are fully aware of your rights and obligations relating to the use of our website, we recommend that you read these Terms of Use from time to time. After any amendment of these terms, your continued use of our Website shall be deemed as your acceptance of such amendment to the Terms of Use.

2. The Purpose of the Website

The Service Provider has developed and is operating the Website in order to provide useful information for visitors about Habitat for Humanity International Nonprofit Kft., and Habitat for Humanity Hungary Foundation and their activities.

3. The Website Content

You can find a variety of information on our Website including announcements, news articles, links and other references, tools, images and multimedia content. The Website content is targeted to both professionals and the general public. The content published on the Website is for information purposes. You can use the Website at your own risk and responsibility. We disclaim any liability for your use of any quantifiable information made available on the Website.

On our Website, we provide you tools that may help you overcome a housing issue (e.g. calculators). However, no matter how advanced these tools may be, they cannot give you professional advice. It is your responsibility to interpret the results provided by these tools.

The Service Provider shall be entitled to modify, alter or delete any content on the Website as well as to place advertisements, presentation of its own services or any other content on the Website without prior notice in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations.

4. Intellectual Property, Trademarks, Links

a. Intellectual Property

The Website, the Website’s structure, design and any content appearing on the Website constitute intellectual property and are accordingly subject to copyright protection. The Republic of Hungary protects the rights of database creators; the related rights are due to the Service Provider.

You may use the intellectual property contained in the Website solely for personal purposes and in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations and the present Terms of Use; such use may not even indirectly be targeted at generating or increasing profits. You are entitled to view, download, save the individual parts of the Website on/to your own computer or print the same within the limitations of personal use and for their intended purpose. However, the above right does not include, and therefore you are not entitled to copy, modify, adapt, make available for downloading, re-use, distribute or trade with any content appearing on the Website. Nothing in these Terms of Use shall be deemed as a waiver (whether express or implied) or transfer in any manner by the Service Provider of its own or any third party’s intellectual property rights with respect to the Website.

You accept that you shall not use the Website exceeding personal use unless with the prior written consent of the Service Provider or the owner of the relevant intellectual property rights.

b. Trademarks

Our Website contains trademarks or protected firm names or product names or domain names. These shall in every case be owned by their respective registered right holders or the right holder established by the operation of the law without registration. Such trademarks, brand names or domain names may be used only as permitted by the relevant right holders.

The Service Provider expressly forbids the use of its trademarks, brand names, or the www.habitat.hu domain name for any business purposes or for misleading others or any other use which is aimed at, or may, at the Service Provider’s reasonable opinion, result in, discrediting those trademarks or brand names.

c. Links

The Website may contain links to websites operated by third parties. The Service Provider carefully selects those links but does not continuously monitor or check those third-party websites. However, if the Service Provider learns that any website linked by it or the act of linking such website violates the applicable laws or infringes the rights of third parties, it shall remove the relevant link.

The Service Provider disclaims any liability for the links or the content of the websites accessible through the links. You accept that once you leave our Website and enter another website, these Terms of Use shall not apply any more, and different terms of use shall apply.

The Service Provider welcomes if a link pointing to its Website is placed by anyone on their website. However, any page or part of the Website may be run on another website as part of that website (as an embedded application) subject to the Service Provider’s prior written consent. The Service Provider distances itself from any party linking the Website to any website that is unlawfully operated or contains obscene content or content that may infringe the rights or rightful interests of any third party. The Service Provider reserves the right to take action against any linking of the Website which may, in its reasonable opinion, be harmful to the reputation of the Website or which infringes or may infringe its rights or rightful interests.

5. Limitations of Liability

The Service provider shall not be liable for any errors arisen beyond its reasonable control or for the consequences of such errors. Accordingly, it shall not be liable, in particular, for any technical breakdown, technical error or interruption of continuous operation, occurrence of harmful applications or programs (e.g. worms, viruses) or hacker activities or for any damage caused by the above.

The User shall be solely liable for using the Website or the services or the application of the result of such use, incomplete registration or any consequences of the above.

The User shall indemnify the Service provider for any damage, proprietary detriment or cost suffered or incurred by the Service Provider due to or in connection with the User’s unlawful conduct. If any authority or court files a claim against and/or starts a procedure against the Service Provider due to the User’s conduct, the User shall do all action requested by the Service Provider in order to protect the Service Provider’s rights and interests.

The Service Provider expressly disclaims any liability for any infringement, proprietary or non-proprietary damage or other legal consequences caused by the User’s acts or omissions in relation to the Website or by the content published by the User or otherwise caused by the User.

The Service Provider shall operate the Website in Hungary in accordance with the Hungarian laws and regulations which is acknowledged by the User regardless of the location where the Website is actually used. The Service Provider shall not be liable for any non-compliance of the Website with the laws of any foreign state.

The User shall comply with the present Terms of Use while using the Website, and use the same exclusively in compliance with the relevant laws and without infringing the Service Provider’s or any third party’s rights.

The Service Provider shall be entitled to take the necessary legal and other action against the User if the latter uses the Website or any service provided through the Website abusively or contrary to the law or to these Terms of Use. Any conduct or use endangering the intended purpose of the Website, or any expressly unauthorised use is forbidden. In any of the above cases, the Service Provider shall be entitled – inter alia – to delete the User’s registration and to prevent the User from accessing the Website immediately and without notice as well as to remove any information uploaded by the User.

6. User Feedback

We thank you for any comments or recommendations concerning our website or the professional or scientific statements made herein or their correctness. If you have any comments, please, send them to the e-mail address published on the Website. The Service Provider will do its best to investigate and remedy any complaints.

7. Data Transmission Declaration

By accepting the present data management declaration (General Terms of Use), you accept that your personal data stored by Habitat for Humanity International Nonprofit Kft. (1065 Budapest, Hajós u. 9. IV. em. 16.) in its user database are forwarded to SofterWare Inc (American United States, Pennsylvania, Horsham, PA 19044-2217132, Welsh Road 140) as data controller. The following data will be transmitted: family name, first name, ZIP code, town, street, house number, telephone number, e-mail address.

The purpose of data transmission is to provide customer service assistance to Users, confirm Transactions (subscription to newsletters, donation with a bank card or by wire transfer) and provide fraud-monitoring to protect users.

8. Information Concerning Regular Donations

Recurring bank card payment (hereinafter: “Recurring Payment”) is a bank card acceptance transaction provided by Simple which means that the bank card details provided by the Buyer (donor) during registration can be re-used for additional payments in the future without having to re-enter those data.

In order to use the recurring payment feature, you hereby accept that any future payments after your successful registration to our webshop (www.habitat.hu) will be made at the Trader’s initiative, without re-entering your bank card details or requiring your authorisation for each transaction.

Note: Bank card details are managed in accordance with the rules of the card issuer. Neither the Trader nor Simple can access bank card details.

The Trader (in this case the service provider i.e. Habitat for Humanity International Nonprofit Kft.) shall be directly liable for any erroneous or unauthorised recurring payment transactions, and no claim whatsoever shall be asserted against the Trader’s payment service provider (Simple).

I have read this document and hereby acknowledge and accept its contents.