What do we raise our voice for?

Today, approximately 1.5 million people live in housing poverty in Hungary!

In Hungary, about 30 thousand people have nowhere to live,

  • almost half of the population lives in overcrowded flats, two-third of the children live in unhealthy, moldy and damp flats, and almost 200 thousand children grow up in a housing without a bathroom.
  • almost 140 thousand people cannot pay their monthly mortgage costs, and hundreds of thousands of families cannot pay their overhead costs
  • 300 thousand families need affordable rental housing
  • almost 300 thousand people live in places of segregation or poor neighborhoods.

These number are so strikingly high not only because of the unfavorable economic situation of our country, but also because the government fails to pay enough attention on this problem. The central government budget deploys almost 200 billion HUF for housing purposes, however, only a negligible fraction of this is spent specifically on reducing housing poverty - the majority of funding supports the housing goals of the middle and more wealthy classes.

What is our goal?

Housing poverty cannot be ended in one day. Our aim is to achieve an equitable and inclusive housing policy in Hungary that observes the reduction of social disparities. Even by a more just usage of the existing resources and widely implementing tools that already proved useful in other countries, we could solve or mitigate many of the housing problems. Thus, other traumas related to housing problems would also reduce - and so would the associated public expenditure.

Affordable rental homes!

People whose wages do not allow them to buy their own flat and thus live in an expensive rented flat or under unfavorable, overcrowded conditions should have access to affordable housing.

Public utility and housing-related debt settlement!

People who got themselves into debts because of housing maintenance costs should receive efficient services. They should be able to get rid of their debts without endangering their living or housing.

Everyone should be able to pay their overhead bills!

The normative housing allowance needs to be restored, ensuring that people with wages insufficient to cover their housing maintenance costs do not end up on the streets.

Let’s end street homelessness!

By promoting the Habitat First model, we can provide a chance for homeless people to break out from the negative spiral of homelessness and move into a sustainable home.

Let there be no homeless families in Hungary!

We must prevent families from losing their housing, as in many of such cases the family breaks up and children get into state care. In case of families that already lost their housing, the main goal should be to keep the family together. Affordable and predictable housing opportunities should be provided for families living in temporary shelters and other temporary accommodations.

What does Habitat do?

We raise awareness

Usually, people living in housing poverty are forced to live under poor conditions through no fault of their own. It requires the joint effort and awareness of the society to make it possible to solve the housing issues of millions. We need allies who draw the attention of decision makers to the problem by their awareness, by signing our petitions and by participating on our street-based events and constructions.

We build knowledge base

Our meetings, events and field-based programs draw the attention of the public and of decision makers to solutions that could help to provide dignified housing for more people in need. Our research activities and policy concepts provide information for those who are interested, and also for the workers of non-governmental organizations, representatives of the media and the participants in this profession. They help decision makers to take professionally informed and reasonable decisions that affect people struggling with housing poverty.