Building the House of Children’s Dreams for World Habitat Day

2014. október 05.

Habitat for Humanity Hungary’s World Habitat Day street campaign brought attention to children affected my housing poverty.

We installed a black house in a busy square of Budapest, and asked people to cover the walls with children’s dreams written on white bricks.

Visitors wrote words that they think children need to feel home on white bricks, and fixed them on the walls. Inside the house we had a photo exhibition and graphics introducing housing issues affecting children. The event was visited by an estimated 10,000 people, including local celebrities: János Lackfi poet, Nóra Szekeres TV presenter, Péter Puskás singer-actor. By the end of Sunday all 1000 bricks were placed on the walls, turning the black house white, making it the House of Children’s Dreams.

Click here to see the photos of the exhibition. Click here for pictures of the event.

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