Running to help those in need!

2016. április 30.

“As I travel a lot it is especially important to me to have a place to go home to, where I feel comfortable and safe, and I can be with my family. I believe that everyone deserves to live in a decent home, but unforunately it is not like that. I support Habitat’s work because they fight for this” – said Krisztián Berki Olympic champion at the 31st Telekom Vivicittá Spring Half Marathon, where he participated as the ambassador of Habitat for Humanity’s Housing First program.

Representing Habitat the Olympic champion gymnast hold the warm up and also started the 7k race. The team was joined by three colleagues from Habitat’s Area Office in Bratislava – thank you  Katka Britanakova, Tomas Kelley and Simona Perejdova! Our runners had raised close to 600,000 Forints to support our programs.  This amount will fund the renovation of unused social housing.

“It is a great feeling that as an Olympic champion I can support such a powerful initiative. I would be happy if even more homeless people could get a new chance” – said Krisztián

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