Construction season at HabitatPont resource center

2018. július 31.

The families work shoulder to shoulder, helping one another to do small repairs on their homes, which is rewarded by further discount from the prices of materials. The participants also learn financial, decision making and team work skills.

The families live in deep poverty. In this communities repairs are not an esthetic question, but quality problems are often life threatening or cause health risks.
Currently we work in three locations: Bag, Mátraverebély and Bátonyterenye (two neighboring villages) and Ág. More and more families start to repair their homes: they build a new bathroom, repair the roof and chimney of their house, renovate the kitchen. We organized a mud plastering workshop to teach families how they can reinforce and insulate their adobe houses.

Our work would not be possible with the help of local NGOs who have worked with the communities before. We partner with Bagázs in Bag; Köz-Tér-Háló in Ág; and Nógrád County Gipsy Spokesmen in Bátonyterenye.
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Executive Assistant and Office Manager wanted!

Executive Assistant and Office Manager wanted!

The Executive Assistant and Office Manager’s primary responsibility is to provide direct administrative support to the ND, manage and supervise the office operations and activities. He/she works closely with the Director of Finance and Administration (DFA) to ensure the smooth operation of all finance matters. He/she performs administrative, office management and coordination duties and ensures the installation of appropriate systems and tools for the team. 

Direct impact on people’s lives

Direct impact on people’s lives

Habitat volunteers take a huge part in the construction works, they are not only building homes, but also communities. Joe Cross, husband and father of two kids, and one of the most engaged expat volunteers in Hungary told us about his motivation in volunteering.